Press release – Election campaign kick off of the pirates

Election campaign kick off of the pirates

On Monday, 19th of November the Pirate Party Lower Saxony presented its election campaign during a press conference. In collaboration with the candidates for the Lower Saxon parliament, the board of Lower Saxon Pirate Party and representatives of the national board of the Pirate Party Germany the pirates presented their election video spot, their poster campaign and the full election programme to interested guests.

Several thematical topics are dominant witin the Pirate Party’s programme.[1] A dominating key aspect is “accessability”, which does not only mean free access to knowledge, education, and culture as well as political relevant information to the Pirates. “Public goods must be open to all citizens,” explains the candidate for the state parliament Katharina Nocun. “Unhindered access to basic infrastructure, to public streets and squares, to schools and universities, and to the Internet plays a key role in deciding who will be able to participate actively in public life. Access free of charge to nature of our state, to the beaches and lakes, to the rivers and forests needs to be possible for all and be included into our state’s constitution as a general right.”

Education and the support of education is an affair of the heart for Pirates, as well as strengthening civil rights, privacy, and customer protection. A considerable chapter of the election program is energy policy. Pirate Party Lower Saxony declares itself in favor of a continuation of the swift changes in energy production, but also demands a consistent decentralization and mandatory public participation as well as a support for municipalities that want to acquire their energy infrastructure and networks again.

Another core topic of the Pirate Party is the strengthening of Democracy. Demands of the Pirate Party include a transparency law for Lower Saxony, turn against revolving door lobbying, want to lower the hurdles for popular initiatives and referendums, and abolish the “Verfassungsschutz”, the State Agency for the protection of the Lower Saxony constitution.

The Pirate Party of Lower Saxony focusses on people and their quality of life as the center of every democratic politicy. The party rejects the separation of social policy and other political areas: the promotion of democracy as well as possibilities of access and participation are an integral part of the Pirates’ social policy. Since participation is impossible without material security Pirate Party Lower Saxony advocates an unconditional basic income and a cross-sector minimum wage.

The Pirate Party’s poster campaign is supposed to prompt reflection [2]. The orange posters of the so-called ‘Trust Line’ emphasize the message: “Read Programmes, everything else is just advertisement”. Pirate Party Lower Saxony does not want to sell illusions, but wants to prompt a discussion about the content of their vast program. “We do not want to offer holow elections messages and campaign promises,” says Torben Friedrich, a Pirate Party candidate for the State Parliament. “Our focus is on the content, the topics were born out of dealing with the citizens’ needs which we will include in our work in parliament. We promise no gifts, we advertise for reading election programs, to obtain information and to vote.”

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